Vann Apragal

happy life

Vann Apragal
happy life



I generally do not like to dwell on negative side of things in life, ever!!! But let me do it just for this one instance. 

Let us just say on one hot summer morning you woke up with extreme perspiration find yourself, your bed and sheets covered in sweat completely. Only to figure out there was no power in your apartment and your Air conditioning is out. You hop into shower only super warm water coming out from the hot pipes. Car wont start, after a few tries it luckily does. Roads are slippery and everyone is driving like maniacs. Normal consequences on a hot summer day that could easily happen. Coffee drive thru line is outrageous. And the day didn’t even begin. That is a rough start. But guess what it doesn’t have to be that bad. 

Here is another scenario                                                                                                                      

You wake up one hot summer morning to power outage. But luckily window is slightly open and some cool breeze is drifting in. Kirby, jumps on your bed so happy kissing your face everywhere. Oh, Kirby is little Golden Retriever I forgot and he wants to go for a walk.  Luckily someone in your apartment brought some cape Jasmines evening before, so the living room has this semi faint bouquet of the flowers and mixed with an open bottle of French Burgundy from last nite again on the counter you forgot to dispose. As you are dumping the bottle you turn around only to find your reflection of your early morning mess of a face. But the reflection is in the amazing piece of wall art you recently purchased. After this amazingly incredible experience do you really care if the road is a bit slippery and the coffee line is huge. Simple life’s parallax.

Here are the things I promised:

  1. Wake up to an alarm everyday? Guess what, you can actually change the sounds to what ever the hell you want. You don’t have to be stuck with defaults your phone spews out. I programmed mine to song “gotta get away from me” by offspring. I know I am weird, but for some reason, that song pumps me up everyday and puts a smile on my face as soon as I wake up. Here is a little tutorial on working with Iphone’s alarm. Sorry I do not know much about other operating systems.
  2. Fill up your living space with lots of plants, flowers, and brighten up if you can. I live in New York city, soI do not have much of this going. But back when I was in Williamsburg let me tell ya, totally different story. You can also visually customize your space with colorful soothing lighting and can easily be modified and programmed with simple touch on your phone. There are apps that do that provided you purchase a few accessories. 
  3. Cover your walls with your favorite art works. Now it is super cheap to get some of your favorites every where. This can easily be done in your office, cubicle, and even cars. We see customizable phone cases, computer cases. Even those have similar effect on you, even minuscule but you get the point. Everything is customizable now a days. I am proud to say some of my wall art is hanging in offices, homes and spaces everywhere. So I am happy to say I am contributing to other people’s pleasures and happiness. Feel free to reach out if you like something custom made for you personally. As I am typing this I actually noticed these amazing photographs shot in 1966 on the walls here. I swear!
  4. Try to be around animals. Not much to say on this. You know the deal. At the very least get a gold fish. I promise you, it will change your life for the better.
  5. Using Siri and your calendar, so you are working your brain lot less. So your phone will just tell you what to do. Eventually you will start going with the flow. Back when I was working as a Bartender, I had a 60yr old Italian lady as my boss who owned the place. She was like ADD from hell maniac. She was everywhere, always had billion things on her mind. And when she forgot something, she used to get so angry on everyone else. And she probably lost a billion brain cells going nuts everyday. She had one of those flip phones. I got her to buy an iPhone and taught her to use Siri. Now she is a completely different person, made her little calmer at the very least. Well, I am not there anymore. I betcha she is back into her own ways.
  6. Surround yourselves with attractive nice people in general. I know that is not a good word now a days. But everyone has a different definition of what is attractive to them. So simply put, be around people you like. I am sure it is kind of hard to do that. But if you are around someone that is always being negative and the bane of your existence, is it really worth it to have them in your life. Or if this person is really needed for you to get to where you want to be, You have to increase your tolerance. My niece is always a pain in the butt to my sister. Instead of getting upset now she just expects her daughter is going to be a pain. So when and if sometimes she behaves, my sister is pleasantly extra happy.
  7. Most important one of them all here is doing some Karma things. Simple definition of Karma yo those of you not familiar is, if you put something or anything either positive or negative into the world, world will kick it back to you 10 fold in some form or fashion. This is a guarantee. That will happen weather you realize it or not. You give a dollar to pan handler. And you are thinking you are not getting anything back out of it. But I would argue that you are wrong. You are getting plenty of piece of mind, calmness and goodwill towards yourselves. Then subconsciously you posture improves, you get a twinkle in your eye and that becomes contagious. I can actually right a book on this topic. Something happens when you go to church whether you believe in God or not. It has nothing to do with belief. Or you can do volunteer work or just help someone on the street. You will feel better.
  8. Move yourself into a neighborhood you are comfortable with, even if it costs you a little more. Trust me in the long run you will come out on top and spare yourselves all kinds of medical bills. If you live  in a neighborhood that is crime ridden, with catcalls everywhere on the streets and poverty in general, trust me it is going to effect you in the long run. You are actually better off sharing a room with people you love but live in good neighborhood than the other way around. 
  9. Good food, drink and company. Always make sure you are doing that. Mix in a little work out here and there, you are golden.
  10. Finally stimulate your ears with what ever that keeps you calm. Rock music and pretty much anything that is non computerized soothes my ears. I had a friend who loved the sounds of environment. She loved ambulances wizzing by, loud trains and she was always aware of everything relating sounds.Her audio cortex is the dominant sense. She loved listening to talk radio. She felt relaxed. She was stimulated by good voices. Everyone is different, and what ever floats your boat, Just do it. 

Everything comes down to stimulating all you senses. You know humans primarily have 5 senses. Vision, smell, feel, touch, and hear. The trick to everything is doing it with out stressing yourselves.  You can eliminate stress from your life by getting rid of the things that stress you out. Some stress is good as it improves your efficiency and makes you wanna attain greater heights. I have seen people completely losing it for simplest of things. Being anal is one thing and being aaaaaaaanal is completely different. It is bad for health. Lastly not everyone can achieve all of these tasks but everyone can try. If not now you can probably reach your true pleasure in 10yrs. Try not to dwell on building future too much, enjoy the present as well.

And buy some art from me ;))) That will make you feel hell of a lot better, I promise!!!